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Ido: Nacionia esas mikronaciono - projekto pri kreas suverena e autonoma naciono.

Maxima pagini ek la libro.

English: Nacionia is a micronation - a project about create an sovereign and independent nation.

You can see almost all the pages from the book.

Novo - Moved to another webserver

The whole website has been moved to another server which is directly handled by the initiator of Nacionia. When funds is available the website will be moved to a server not directly depended on one individual. 2015-11-26

Roadplan updated November 2015

The roadplan for Nacionia has been updated 2015-11-12.

Problems with updating the website has postponed many activities and especially the one year anniversary in the public eye.

The project is on the rails again so the following weeks and months the website will be update and enhanced with history and language decision and hopefully much more.2015-11-12

Updated: Elections
Democracy methods like liquid feedback, sociacracy and single transferable vote should be investigated as alternatives or supplements to representative democracy. 2015-12-05

New: Educations & Skills
Every community should have at least two skilled people within all areas. 2015-11-26

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