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English: Nacionia is a micronation - a project about create an sovereign and independent nation.

You can see almost all the pages from the book.

Ido: Nacionia esas mikronaciono - projekto pri kreas suverena et autonoma naciono.

Tu povas vidar maxima pagini de la libro.

The future for Nacionia - if any!

Due to my health I have stopped working on Nacionia in general.

Take the torch and run with it

Even though I started this mikronation project it is not mine. If you are interested in taking the project further then please contact me.

You can also just use the ideas which suites you in your own project. I would be so thankful if you notice me.

Untill another person takes over I will still be the benovolent dictator Benedikto Agroforesto.

The site remains

This site will still be hosted and even updated from time to time. There are pages of La Libro which still needs to be transcripted to the site and photos of pages which will be updated.

Ido and annual astronomical events continues

Two main areas of interest which has grown on me when I discovered them working on the project to create a micronation is:

  • Ido - the international auxiliary languge
  • Celebrating annual astronomical events -
    Enhance general knowledge of these scientific events

Both of these will in a near future have their own website under this domain - or maybe just subsites.

Benedikto Agroforesto aka Claus Agerskov Albertslund, Dania, 2021-07-19

Septembro Equinoxo 2021

Nacionia celebrates equinoxes March and September 12 hours before and after the astronomic event where day and night has equal length. This is one of the longest holiday in Nacionia because it symbolise equality like everyone are equal.

In 2020 the first equinox is September 22th at 19:27 UTC so the holiday starts at 07:27 the day before and ends 24 hours later.

So enjoy the day when day and night are equal and celebrate equality. Felica Setembro Equinoxo 2021! 2021-07-06

2021-07-10 Updated: Scientific Based Calendar/holidays
Reducing the length of holidays. 2021-01-10

2021-07-09 New: National Holidays (continued)
Celebrations of national holidays are 62 hours in total so you have 36 hours to celebrate the day from noon the day before and the whole date til midnight from timezone +14 to -12. 2020-06-24

2021-07-09 New: Mikronacionidio/Dio di Mikronacioni
The Mikronacioni Dio in English Micronations Day is on August 27 where the longest and still existing micronation The Kingdom of Elleore was established in 1944. 2021-03-20

2021-06-19 New: Libera Patenti ed Idei
Create the website "Libera Patenti ed Idei" in Ido which in English is "Free Patents and Ideas" where outdated patents can be shared in the language Ido and maybe other languages as well. 2020-05-13

2021-06-19 Updated: The Fight Against Patents (continued)
Added the suggestion that Nacionia should be a maker nation where private people can buy help or guiding to create patented items. 2015-06-20

2020-01-04 New: Updates 2020-
Page with updates about the project. The first is that the book was found after it has been missing in half a year and the new phones is an OnePlus 5. 2020-01-04

2019-05-25 New: No more Bir Tawil in this context
Because too many micronations listing it as their territory, cannot be accessed legally, as an ancient gold area it attract golddiggers, Africans are not interested in more land on white mans hands and British colonists draw the current borders. 2018-08-20

2018-08-18 Updated: Even more about Bir Tawil
The coordinates for the angles of Bir Tawil are updated with data from OpenStreetMap which uses CIA World database II as source.

As a result the coordinates are updated at the page More about Bir Tawil. 2018-08-18

2018-08-13 Updated: IT Policies (continued)
PeerTube could be used for distributing videos on a peer to peer network. 2018-08-13

2018-07-11 New: Scientific Based Calendar/holidays
Aphelion and perihelon is again considered annual holidays because of their scientific nature. 2018-06-18

2018-07-10 New: Property and accommodation
Owners of property above an amount of squaremetres of accommodation rents out a part of said area for a percentage of the monthly amount given by the nation to each citizen. 2017-08-05

2018-07-09 New: More about Bir Tawil
Description of the borders of Bir Tawil and a drawing of them. 2017-05-07

2018-07-09 New: Even more about Bir Tawil
Highest and lowest points in Bir Tawil, CIA's study of the borders and a list of flag plants. 2018-06-19

2018-07-05 New: Communication Infrastructure Continued
About communication projects using satellites, drones or baloons as repeater stations like Project Loon and 2016-07-31

2018-07-03 New: Communication Infrastructure
About different type of layers and medias for transport of communication. 2016-07-31

2018-07-03 New: Finances in prenational Nacionia
Since the start the initiator and benevolent dictator has covered all the cost which will be given as a gift when the next step occurs. 2016-08-08

2018-06-26 New: Communities
Both geographical and virtual communities have the goal to enhance the memebers and the communities as a whole so the can survice several years. 2015-08-07

2018-06-24 New: Energy
Nacionia should be a leading in finding and developing alternative energy sources which generates more energy than they use to produce them. 2015-07-20

2018-06-21 New: Ido - the learning language
The best way to make most knowledge accessible is by spreading instructions in Ido. 2015-08-02

2018-06-20 Updated: Circular Economy
Waste is a ressource and diversity is strength. An examples is an regenerative and self-sufficiency village where kitchen waste is used as food for fishes which waste is again used as fertilizer for growing ateable vegetables. 2016-06-14

2018-06-20 New: Diplomatic Relations
First diplomatic relations was established 2015-01-01 with a micronation. Also a list of micronations claiming terra nullius Bir Tawil. 2015-11-15

2018-06-15 Updated: Virtual Worlds (continued)
Added link to a Microsoft server in Esperanto and also for Ido speakers (the server does not exist anymore) 2015-06-05

2018-06-15 New: Pragmatic and Holistic
Laws and solutions should be pragmatic and holistic for the nation, its citizens, and on the international scale aswell. 2017-08-24

2018-06-15 New: Uniono por la Linguo Internaciona
Creating a micronational Ido organization and becoming a member of the international language union concerning Ido. 2015-06-16

2018-06-15 New: Citizen homepage
Every citizen will have their own webpage with basic information and links to further information on social media etc. 2015-05-17

2018-06-11 Updated: Website - continued
The official Nacionia website should use the W3C standards HTML5 and CSS3, and coply with Google's Mobile-Friendly Test. 2015-05-30

2018-06-08 New: Supporting IDO - Continued 2
Supporting Ido publicise research and discoveries, using Amikumu to get together with other Idists and using the app Nia Ido to translate, links to Ido resources and entertaintment. 2018-06-08

2018-06-08 Updated: Supporting Ido - continued
Supporting Ido writing stories, videos on social medias, translating text, using as a learning language. 2018-06-05

2018-06-05 New: Scientific Based Calendar
The calendar is based on astronomical events like new and full moons, equinoxes and solstices. 2018-01-01

2018-06-05 New: Open Design
Open designs are designs using free and open specifications. 2015-05-15

2018-06-05 New: Benedikto d Nacionia
The constructed word benedikto is the official titel of the leader of Nacionia. Until an election has taken place the leader is Benedikto Agroforesto. 2015-09-24

2018-06-05 Update: The Benevolent Dictator - The preliminary leadership of the process
From individual idea through informal association to a formal association with funds. 2015-08-24

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