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The ideas for the nation Nacionia started in October 2004 after a visit of the website of the former micronation Corvinia when I googled an old friend who was listed as one of the citizens.

I began to write my ideas in a paper notebook with just the sign on the front and the subtitle The birth of a nation. You can see most of the notebook at its webpage The birth of the nation.

Most of the notebook has been written on holidays, vacations and trips over more than a decade and is still being written. The latest written page is as of June 2018 page 158 'Supporting IDO (continued 2)' from 2018-06-06 which was also scanned together with 34 other pages the same day. The page has been updated 2018-06-08 but not scanned afterwards.

After exactly ten years the website Nacionia was released. At the same time Nacionia was launched at social medias Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram.

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